2. Over-juicing removes much of the vitamins, minerals AND fiber

Fruits and vegetables are great for the body! As a whole food they have a perfect blend of vitamins, minerals and fiber that helps the body absorb nutrients and productively let go of excess waste. Guess what we take out when juicing? Fiber AND a good bit of vitamins and minerals that are bound to fiber (especially if you are peeling them first). Why does fiber matter? It keeps bowels strong and healthy, helps you absorb nutrients, combats heart disease and helps keep those blood sugar spikes to a minimum by allowing the body use the natural sugars found in fruits more productively.

It is almost impossible to get too much fructose (sugars found in fruit) by eating the whole food but juicing excessively means a sugar overload. If you buy premade juices from the store, there is also a good chance of added sugar with also means the body is storing more fat. What to do instead? Eat the whole apple!