4. Too many small meals can have the opposite effect

Eating more than the recommended three times a day does not necessarily lead to weight loss. In fact, training the body to eat more often can lead to the opposite effect. It has been said that you can increase your metabolism and insulin efficiency by eating more often, but the research does not show much support on this. What’s more important is how hungry you allow yourself to get and what you are grabbing for when it’s time to eat. When the body’s blood sugar begins to plummet after 4+ hours of not eating we are more likely to grab, at the easiest most, calorically dense foods.

Though, if you’re trying to eat 6-8 times a day the same convenience grab could become true. Instead of eating so often, try putting a little bit more thought into what you have available to grab once you realize it’s time to munch. Keep the foods whole and fresh and the calories will stay low too!