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15 "Healthy" Habits that Are Actually Making You Fat

1. If you want to be fit, counting steps does not count as cardio

In the same way that counting calories doesn’t automatically make you lose weight, neither does counting steps. Awareness is great, but maybe consider the whole body and how it works to burn off fat. Taking steps does not automatically mean raising the heart rate, which is the definition of cardio exercise. To burn fat, the heart rate must be increased with muscles working.

Consider how you would feel after taking three jogs close together that only lasted 5 minutes rather than a slow 40 minute walk. Maybe you’d take more steps in a long walk, but the pace makes a big difference. Let’s face it, the body is made to move. Your muscles require movement, extra blood flow and extra oxygen. So ditch the counting and pick up the pace for at least 30 minutes five days a week.

Somewhere we learned the magic number was “10,000 steps a day.” But, 10,000 steps isn't attached to any scientific evidence for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Unless, you are also increasing your activity.