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15 Household Items That Can Make You Sick

14. Wet laundry

Damp laundry can also negatively affect your health. Whether you wear clothing that is wet due to rain or sweat, or even drying them in the dryer, wet clothing is not good for you. They provide a cozy environment for dust mites and mold if left damp. This can lead to sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose, and, for those with a weak immune system or who have asthma, facial pressure, asthma attacks, and respiratory congestion. However, drying them indoors could be detrimental, too. Drying clothes inside can raise the water content in the air by as much as 30%, which makes for ample conditions for fungal spores to grow. The increased humidity can also create breathing problems for people with asthma.

If you can, air dry your clothes outside, or get a dehumidifier if you must dry them inside. This is the best way to ensure the safety of your health and that of your family. Or, invest in a new dryer that can wring more water out of your clothes.