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15 Household Items That Can Make You Sick

7. TV remote

Although it may not be at the top of your list of disease-causing household objects, the TV remote is a significant, often overlooked germ hub. Every time you touch the remote, you spread bacteria onto it. Every time it falls on the floor, it collects dirt. Every time you leave it behind the TV, it gathers dust. On top of its tendency towards germ collecting, people rarely, if ever, actually clean their TV remote control. And if you think your remote is dirty, picture what kinds of things are living on the ones in hotels…

Once the shudders of fear and disgust have subsided, however, you’ll find it’s actually rather simple to keep your remote clean. First, remove the batteries to prevent contamination. Then, wipe down the surface using a cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol, and get in between the buttons with an alcohol-dipped cotton swab. It’s that easy to give you peace of mind while you channel surf.