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15 Household Items That Can Make You Sick

9. Purse or other daily bag

You may not think of it, but for women, simply putting your hands in your hand bag could actually be affecting your health. Studies have found that certain purse items contained as much bacteria as a toilet flush, the most germ-ridden being face and hand creams, followed by lipstick and mascara. If you touch these bacteria-heavy items and then your face, or any other surface, you’ll spread those microbes even further. The purse handles are also some of the dirtiest parts of the bag due to being touched by unwashed hands, and even setting a purse down on the ground at a restaurant can cause you to pick up who knows what!

If you want to keep your hand bag healthier, don’t put it on the ground in a public place, and be sure to clean it, both inside and out, with antibacterial wipes. As for any makeup items, avoid contamination by washing your hands before touching them.