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15 Household Items That Can Make You Sick

But don't be too clean!

It’s easy to become paranoid after hearing how strong and prevalent germs are in our world, but there’s no reason to become hysterical and go overboard. Keeping your home clean is a good practice to maintain, but you don’t want to be obsessive with it. While there are a great many bacteria that can make us sick, there are just as many that keep us healthy and promote a more robust immune system. Removing all of them reduces our bodies’ exposure to pathogens, which prevents them from developing immunity towards them. This can lead to an increase in allergy attacks and illnesses. The body becomes highly sensitized to microbes, causing it to overreact to any interaction with the environment.

There’s a fine line between “hygienic” and “sterile,” and when it comes to your home, you definitely want to tend towards the former. A good way to keep your space at a healthy microbial level, according to researchers, is a dog. Pets track in all sorts of germs on their paws, fur, and snouts, and although some of them can be dangerous (as stated earlier in this slideshow), the majority of what pets carry on them is harmless and can be beneficial for your immune system.