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20 Biggest Health Scandals in Recent History

10. The hepatitis and E.coli outbreaks at your favorite Mexican restaurants

That's right, even some of your favorite restaurants have not been able to avoid health scandals.

In 2003, Pennsylvania health officials were alarmed by the unusually high levels of hepatitis A that was circulating around Pittsburgh. When they investigated further, a local Chi-Chi's Mexican restaurant appeared to be the culprit. 650 people were infected, and four deaths occurred, making it unsurprising that the restaurant did decide to shut down as a result. The Hepatitis A was believed to have originated from raw onions sourced from Mexico.

If Chi-Chi's was your favorite, you might have switched over to Chipotle after 2004. However, they were no stranger to health scares either. In 2015, 55 E. coli infections across the country were believed to have been caused by various Chipotle restaurants. 43 locations were closed temporarily, but Chipotle was able to continue operating (although they have not yet reached their pre-outbreak levels again).

Photo source: Wikipedia/Today