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20 Biggest Health Scandals in Recent History

15. The EpiPen scandal that hiked the price up for many patients

For those with suffer from serious allergies and anaphylactic reactions, the EpiPen is literally a life saver. The ability to carry around the cure to such a severe reaction is tremendous, and is something that 3.6 million Americans rely on. However, EpiPen's price surged dramatically, making it inaccessible to many who needed it (skyrocketing from $100 in 2010 to $600 in 2016). Soon after the increase, debate began over whether Mylan, which owns EpiPen, behaved unethically by hiking up the price.

The CEO, Heather Bresch, defended the price hike, explaining, "we realized there was an unmet need. ... And so we made a conscious decision, the board, we put a business plan together to invest, to build public awareness and access." However, many simply do not trust that the increased cost was necessary.

The EpiPen scandal is just one of many that raises questions about whether or not preexisting legislation is enough to protect patients who require certain medications.