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20 Biggest Health Scandals in Recent History

20. The American Psychological Association colluded with the U.S. Government to justify torture

Two organizations that you would generally believe you could trust: the American Psychological Association and the C.I.A. However, a report has stated that they colluded in order to justify torture.

The report's authors state, "the A.P.A. secretly coordinated with officials from the C.I.A., White House and the Department of Defenseto create an A.P.A. ethics policy on national security interrogations which comported with then-classified legal guidance authorizing the C.I.A. torture program."

The report comes from a group of health professionals and human rights activists, who believe that this collaboration led to legal and ethical justification for the use of torture, especially after the terror attacks that plagued George W. Bush's presidency.

The impact of health professionals was that the torture program could be considered legal, and not actually "torture," as the interrogations were watched over by health professionals whose job was to ensure the safety of the individuals. Since then, the interrogation program has ended.

The A.P.A. also has denied these allegations.