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20 Biggest Health Scandals in Recent History

3. The Willowbrook State School for the Mentally Ill's abuse was uncovered by a young Geraldo Rivera

Willowbrook was well-known in Staten Island for being a school for the mentally ill. However, very few knew what actually went on inside.

Geraldo Rivera was an investigative television reporter who was making a name for himself with his aggressive tactics, and he decided to go into the school with reporter Jane Kurtin. They found that the school had twice as many patients as the institution allowed for, but that was the least alarming aspect of their discovery.

Most patients were abused, living in horrible conditions. Some were even being used against their will for hepatitis testing. They were not offered even the most basic of necessities, like toothbrushes. They were not given the opportunity to see specialized doctors if they had a health problem. As a result, patients suffered severely, especially as they were exposed to further harm when they were intentionally exposed to hepatitis. Nearly all of the patients contracted it, and it might have continued even longer had it not been for the reporters.

Photo source: Wikipedia