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20 Biggest Health Scandals in Recent History

6. One of Johnson & Johnson's ingredients is capable of causing ovarian cancer

Johnson & Johnson is famous for their Shower to Shower and Baby Powder products; however, these are the exact products that could be causing them a fortune.

One ingredient in the products is talcum powder, which has been discovered to be capable of causing certain cancers. As such, many people who had used the products habitually for many years developed various forms of cancer. A major problem? Johnson & Johnson does not have a warning about the talcum powder on their products, or reference any of the possible side effects.

When consumers realized this was the cause and that their illnesses had stemmed from the use of such products, lawsuits began, and Johnson & Johnson has had to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to those impacted. Of course, no amount of money will be able to repair what these victims have had to endure. Johnson & Johnson has claimed that they were not aware of the risks associated with talcum powder, but inside sources revealed the opposite to be true.

Photo source: Wall Street Journal