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20 Fast Facts About Autism

20 Fast Facts About Autism

1. In 2018, 1 in 59 children are diagnosed with autism in the US

Autism is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder that typically appears during early childhood. It can severely impair communication and social skills, as well as cognitive functions. The neurodevelopmental disorder affects each individual differently and to varying degrees. Some children and adults with autism are fully capable of performing all activities of daily living. Others, however, require substantial support to perform basic activities.

To this day, the exact cause of autism remains unknown. Nevertheless, the basic understanding of the science behind the “spectrum condition” is gradually leading to appropriate services and supports. Continuous efforts are being made to cut down common misconceptions relating to autism and to distribute appropriate information among the general public. Here are 20 fast facts about autism that are paramount to increasing education, spreading awareness, and improving outcomes in the coming years.

According to findings from CDC’s Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network, 1 in 59 children are diagnosed with autism in the United States alone. New Jersey is the US state with the highest rate of autism, with 1 in 28 young boys being affected.

With early intervention and treatment, the diverse symptoms relating to autism can be vastly improved, and in some instances, completely overcome.

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