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20 Immediate Changes That Will Improve Your Health

Do 5 squats or 10 sit-ups after each time you use the bathroom.

It can be difficult to remember every little exercise scattered throughout your day, especially with a busy work schedule. Once you have established a routine, it gets easier, but how do you develop the habits in the first place?

One solution is through association: you attach an exercise with an everyday behavior you engage in multiple times, like using the bathroom. In this case, each time you used the restroom, you would then do five squats, sit-ups, or ten push-ups immediately after finishing. You could also perform the exercise before going in, if you prefer. The point is to train your mind to associate the two activities together so that, after a few conscious efforts, it becomes muscle memory — you pee, you do push-ups. The two become intertwined. And with how often people use the bathroom over the course of a single day, that will add up to some serious reps!