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20 Immediate Changes That Will Improve Your Health

Sit up straight. (Did you fix your posture when you read this?)

Frequently written off as a trivial part of good manners, proper posture can actually have a large impact on one’s health. “Posture” refers to the positioning of your body when you’re sitting, standing, or lying down. Bad posture places unnecessary stress on certain muscles, hurts the joints and ligaments, and can negatively alter your spinal alignment.

It doesn’t take much to square your shoulders and sit or stand up straight, but the rewards of these simple actions are far from insignificant: better posture leads to deeper, easier breathing; improved blood circulation and digestion; reduced stress on the joints (and thus a decreased risk of developing arthritis); and a healthier spine. Aesthetically speaking, too, good posture makes you look both more confident and slimmer by as much as three to five pounds! It can also encourage a positive mindset, so for the sake of your mental and physical health, straighten that back!