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20 Immediate Changes That Will Improve Your Health

Start stretching after working out

Stretching before a workout is pretty common knowledge, as it prevents muscle strain and injury. But many people often forget (or don’t know) to stretch after exercising as well.

When we work out, our bodies produce lactic acid, which builds up in the muscles and causes stiffness, soreness, and fatigue. Stretching post-workout helps to combat this by increasing blood circulation to release the built-up lactic acid. The improved blood flow also allows the heart to return to a normal pace and circulate much-needed oxygen and nutrients. Stretching can also improve your general posture as well as increase your flexibility, resulting in muscles that look more toned and slender.

Most importantly, stretching after exercise reduces your risk of injury: it increases the body’s range of motion and thus decreases the resistance on your muscles. A relaxed body is important for maintaining healthy muscles, so be sure to stretch both before and after your workout.