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20 Immediate Changes That Will Improve Your Health

Track the foods you eat and how you feel after eating them.

Being more cognizant of what you eat at every meal (and snack break) can reveal some surprising information, and possibly bring to light a few bad habits that need breaking. The best way to be aware of your food consumption is to track your meals by either writing them down in a journal or using a calorie tracking app on your phone. While it may seem tedious and time consuming, studies have shown it can greatly help with weight loss, nearly doubling it in some cases.

Besides making you more aware of what you’re eating, it makes you accountable of what you put into your body. When you see just how many calories are in that doughnut, you’ll likely think twice the next time a coworker leaves a dozen in the break room. It also allows you to see your progress so you can learn what does and doesn’t work. Food tracking is a good tool to teach you how to make better choices when it comes to eating.