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20 Quotes from Men Who Cheat

 20 Quotes from Men Who Cheat

"Our sex life went from amazing to nonexistent."

“No matter how many times I tried to be intimate with her, she would shut me down.  Every single day of every single week, of every single month was the same, but just different excuses.  When we were dating she could barely keep her hands off of me, but in the last couple of years she treated me like the plague.  When an old flame gave me attention, I was like a dog in heat, I couldn't help myself.  I would feel horrible if she ever found out...but I don't know what she expects me to do.  I want to be monogamous but can't if she refuses to have sex. It’s as simple as that.” -Adam, Age 32

Men like Ben Affleck, Gavin Rossdale, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tiger Woods had it all: talent, fame, money and a beautiful family. Yet, with everything to lose, each was unfaithful, got caught, and lost it all.

Why do people cheat?

Asking why people cheat is like asking why lightning strikes, or why the alphabet is in that order. It's complicated, and there is no one cut-and-dry answer. According to Psychology Today, an overwhelming number of Americans consider cheating unacceptable behavior, but up to 40% of people cheat on their partners.

You're probably familiar with the phrase, "Once a cheater, always a cheater"--but how true is that, really? This quote applies when someone cheats because of their personality, rather than situational or relationship-related reasons. If someone cheats on their partner in an otherwise happy, healthy, and honest relationship, the odds are they'll keep cheating with future partners until they decide to change.

But, if the relationship's energy fades or sees a rise in conflict, leading someone to cheat, this may not affect whether or not they'll cheat again in another relationship. Here, the initial issue lies in lack of effort to end or improve the relationship before the damage is done.

If you're concerned, have an open, honest discussion with your partner about your definitions of infidelity. You might be surprised with how your answers compare. 

Though we’d all like to think real men don’t cheat under any circumstances, it’s simply not the case. Men are more likely to stray than women. This could very well be due to higher levels of testosterone.

So we asked a group of men and here’s what they told us.