"Talking to an ex on facebook, turned into drinks and then more "

“I started talking to one of my ex girlfriends on Facebook- I had no plans of it being anything romantic.  We decided to meet up for drinks after work, and she came on to me really strong.  I felt super guiltly but it all just happened so fast.  I do not plan on doing it again so as long as she doesn’t know about it and I get away with it, nobody gets hurts...it didn’t happen as far as im concerned. Period.” -Al, Age 27

Narcissists are easily bored. Sexual conquests alleviate the boredom. They reject and vehemently resent all limitations and conditions placed upon them by their partners. They act on their impulses and desires unencumbered by social conventions and strictures. Their inordinately inflated sense of self in conjunction with their desire to be the focus of attention makes them likely candidates to cheat on their partner.

Narcissists are terrified of intimacy.  Cheating is an excellent way to avoid intimacy with their spouse and the other woman or women.