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22 Hipster Health Trends That Need to Just Stop

Zoodles: You are not a noodle

Another twist (or perhaps we should say “spiral”) on vegetables is zoodles, the truncated name for zucchini noodles, although the fad has extended beyond its courgette origins. The trend involves using a spiralizer to turn vegetables into noodles for pasta dishes. Many see this as an easy way to cut down on carbs and calories while sneaking more veggies into their diet, and it has also been marketed as a good gluten-free option. Replacing high-calorie pasta with vegetables can be a healthy alternative — if you use the right ones. Squashes and carrots are fine, but potatoes, another common noodle substitute, are higher in both calories and carbs, so making fettuccine alfredo with sweet potatoes, for example, won’t cut down on these macronutrients as much as you think.

Moreover, people often make the mistake of piling zoodles on their plate, and thus more sauce and cheese, thinking it’s okay because the base of the dish is lower in calories. But if you load more onto your plate, you’re essentially negating this aspect of the pasta alternative and may even be consuming more than you would with regular noodles.