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22 Hipster Health Trends That Need to Just Stop

22 Hipster Health Trends That Need to Just Stop

Narcissistic Yoga Selfies on Social Media

Everyone knows a hipster who does Yoga. The reason we know this is because they find it absolutely necessary to tell us with their annoying pictures posing everywhere they go. So you're flexible with a great body and travel all the time...mmkay, that's great.  I sit on my couch in my PJs, watch Netflix and eat, yet I don't feel the compulsion to take a picture and share it with the world.  Wow, you're on the edge of a cliff in tree inspiring.

Some other annoying trends:

From crazy facial hair to all-velvet outfits, hipsters have an odd take on what is “hot” in today’s age. These strange trends have also extended into the health arena, but many people question whether or not the quirky new habits offer any actual benefits. We take a look at some of the most popular health trends put forward by hipsters and show why they need to fade into obscurity.

First up is hot yoga, which is a form of the well-known exercise performed in a studio that’s warmed to 90 degrees and above. The normal yoga poses combined with high heat tire your muscles and increase your heart rate. However, its intensity and potential for heat-related illness mean hot yoga isn’t for everyone, and those who do give it a try should be sure to drink plenty of water to prevent dizziness or passing out.

Riced vegetables

Riced vegetables are also in vogue. It refers to vegetables chopped so finely as to be almost as fine as granules, which is kind of the point since they’re meant to replace rice in dishes. Cauliflower is a commonly riced vegetable, but broccoli, sweet potatoes, and carrots have also joined the club. Although this does make it easier for people to sneak in another serving or two of vegetables, this also means you’ll have to find somewhere else to get your grain serving. Also, cooking vegetables robs them of many of their nutrients, so when it comes to vegetables, stick with raw and organic. 


A previously underappreciated ingredient, turmeric has recently been pulled into the spotlight thanks to hipsters. The eastern spice is everywhere now, being featured in lattes, capsules, even getting its own drink! (Does the name “Golden Milk” ring a bell?) Turmeric has been around for a long time and is touted for its ability to fight inflammation. However, the evidence to back this up isn’t 100% solid, so don’t be so quick so worship at the altar of this “miracle” spice.

Over-the-top dessert (charcoal ice cream?)

Hipsters have also seen fit to branch into desserts and transform them into over-the-top creations. While most of these twists are unhealthy (like freakshakes or rainbow doughnuts), some of them claim to offer a few benefits to help offset their sugar content. One such example is charcoal ice cream, which is soft serve dyed black with activated charcoal, a potent detoxifier. However, charcoal can’t be absorbed by the body, so unless it encounters toxins in your gastrointestinal tract, it won’t actually detoxify your body.