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22 Hipster Health Trends That Need to Stop Right Now

Egg yolk prejudice

Hipsters, it's okay to have a yolk. Stop being so prejudiced! Cholesterol-conscious individuals will be familiar with the latest egg-white craze. Be they in omelets or muffins, egg whites have risen in popularity as a healthier breakfast option. Recent medical studies, however, have shown that cutting out the yolks from your diet does not have the beneficial effects previously claimed. In fact, science-backed research has revealed that eating foods high in cholesterol doesn’t equate to developing high cholesterol in the body, so it’s completely unnecessary to ditch egg yolks.

In fact, the yolk is the most nutritious part of the egg: it contains a good amount of vitamin E and is packed with carotenoids, which aid eye health and reduce inflammation. Meanwhile, egg whites have only trace amounts of vitamins and protein, and what’s more, egg whites sold in containers at supermarkets often contain added ingredients like maltodextrin and gums to substitute color and flavor. 

So, skip this “healthy” trend and go back to basics; egg yolks are nothing to be scared of!