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22 Hipster Health Trends That Need to Stop Right Now

Kale/Vegetable chips

Just because we call you a chip does not mean you are one.  The most egregious offender of this "chip thievery" is the notorious kale chip. This green monster that just evaporates in your mouth in a nanosecond should never be allowed to carry the wonderful and sacred name of "chip".

The rise of veggie chips has served as an alternative to the usual potato variety. It’s the same concept as regular potato chips — a crispy, salty snack, but made from root vegetables instead of potatoes. These vibrantly colored chips are seen as a way to incorporate more vegetables into one’s diet, one of the most underrepresented of the food groups in the average American’s daily meal plan, according to recent studies. 

However, if you’re thinking you can down a bag of these without any consequences, think again. Nutritionists have examined the content of vegetable chips and have found that, sadly, they are no better a snack choice than potato chips. While they will provide you with small amounts of some key nutrients like vitamins E, C, and K, they also bring with them high levels of sodium and fat that negate the chips’ positive aspects. So, although a tasty, somewhat beneficial indulgence, veggie chips should not become a staple snack in one’s diet.