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22 Hipster Health Trends That Need to Stop Right Now

Unconventional hipster workouts

If you're a hipster, chances are we aren't going to see you on a treadmill or elliptical. You're way cooler than that. You work out unconventionally, utilizing circus equipment or stripper poles. No gym for you; you know the real secret to fitness and do so by paying $50 per ridiculous class.

The Yoga Hipster

Most everyone has heard of the many benefits of yoga. Now, hipsters have seen fit to take this centuries-old exercise program and make it their own, for better or worse. Some of these twists include dog yoga, antigravity yoga, goat yoga, and even beer yoga! The idea is the programs modify normal yoga poses according to their respective themes. For example, in antigravity yoga, participants perform the poses in a special hammock meant to stretch the spine, and in beer yoga, individuals consume alcohol while engaging in the exercises, supposedly to enhance mindfulness during the program.

In general, these trendy yoga sessions are not meant to be taken seriously (looking at you, goat yoga); rather, they are intended to mix up a boring exercise routine. But these modifications can also be dangerous; although most programs are led by a licensed yoga instructor, the themed additions introduce uncertain variables that could hurt the body. So, be sure to keep the beer at the bar and away from yoga!