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22 Hipster Health Trends That Need to Stop Right Now

Using Mason jars for everything

Putting food in a jar doesn't make it healthy or appetizing.  The fact is: Eating out of Mason jars is a huge pain and completely impractical. Please save this for your hipster weddings. Hmm, maybe that's why its healthy... because you can't actually use your spoon to get the food out!

One of the more well-known of the hipster health trends is making meals with Mason jars. Most commonly used to make salads or overnight oatmeal, Mason jars have expanded to include more options to try and promote a healthier, more mindful lifestyle. Along with simple beverage use, Mason jar meals now feature recipes like parfaits, granola, instant noodles, chicken pot pies, and mixed vegetables with quinoa, just to name a few.

However, Mason jars are not the most practical devices for ingestion. They are large, which means the meals they make are not reasonably portioned, and people also tend to stuff them, adding even more calories. The lining of the lids contains BPA, which can leach into food and cause hormonal disruptions. The metal lids themselves are not water resistant and so are prone to rusting if they come into contact with water or food, another health hazard. Although visually appealing, perhaps it’s time to shelve the Mason jars.