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Back to Fighting Crime After 2nd Double Lung Transplant

“The measure of life is not its duration, but its donation”

Lisa Gillespie, Chisholm’s mother figure, received the letter that Thibodeaux had sent the family and although recipients cannot give out their full name or location, Gillespie used other details in the letter to look up Thibodeaux. When she finally found him, the two arranged to meet in person.

Now, Gillespie has taken on a motherly role toward Thibodeaux. The two talk several times a week and Thibodeaux has even been to the family’s house for the last two Thanksgivings. “We have really bonded. It doesn’t replace Chad, of course, but it really does help me to know that Paul is taking his second chance at life and giving it all he has. I am so honored and proud of who got Chad’s lungs” said Gillespie.

Photo: The Star