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The 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge That Actually Works

Day 2: Get rid of any junk food in the house

When you’re dieting, keeping junk food in the house is a recipe for disaster. We’ve all been there: You’ve been good all day. You exercised, avoided snacks, and ate small, healthy meals. Then, disaster strikes. It’s late at night, you’ve had a long day, and suddenly you have an overwhelming craving for that ice cream in the freezer. You succumb to temptation, only to feel guilty afterward. You’re frustrated and disappointed that, in a moment of weakness, you canceled out all of your earlier efforts and progress. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Removing junk food from your home will help you to avoid temptation, and the guilt that follows. Clean out your pantry and refrigerator, and donate or throw away any junk food you find. Then, you’ll have plenty of room to stock up on equally delicious, healthy snacks.