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The 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge That Actually Works

Day 30: Weigh yourself again. Did you develop new habits?

Don’t view this moment as the “end” of a limited diet and workout regimen, but rather as the “beginning” of a lifelong commitment to leading an active, healthy lifestyle. Embracing this lifestyle is the key to maintaining a healthy weight moving forward. If you simply revert back to old habits, you’ll end up right back where you started. Don’t get caught up in a “yo-yo” cycle of diet and exercise, where you alternate between periods of extreme dietary restrictions and excessive exercise followed by periods of overeating and lack of exercise.

Look back on this challenge as a lesson and remember the habits you picked up along the way. It is far easier and more effective to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen that you’ve already established than to start back at square one. You should take pride in your achievements and celebrate your accomplishments, but you should also remember that if you want to maintain your new weight, then you must also maintain the healthy habits that helped you to achieve that goal.