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The 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge That Actually Works

Day 6: Start becoming mindful of your portions

Portion control is key when you're keeping track of the amount of calories and carbs. Limiting your portions properly has been proven to help with weight loss. For example, look at Weight Watchers' success! A study in 2004 also found that 38 percent of the participants who controlled their portions lost 5 percent or more of the body weight But, knowing the exact portion you need can be difficult. Know though that it takes practice, patience, and a lot of measuring. With portion control, it's important to remember to not skip meals. Skipping meals can make you eat a much larger portion than you need. Try to stick to three meals and one small snack a day. If you have trouble measuring, keep a cheat sheet handy, especially when using measuring cups. Portion control plates, meal plans, and healthy eating habits also help when controlling portions.