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4 People with Muscular Dystrophy Speak Up

Ethan Britt

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Ethan is a young man with mild Becker muscular dystrophy. He was diagnosed late in childhood when he fell when playing baseball. He is still strong and doesn’t have mobility issues, and he concentrates on raising awareness of the disease and the effects of the severe forms of the disease. Ethan was diagnosed with the disease in 2015. He always helps in raising funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. He does that in an attempt to help those with severe forms of the disease.

When Ethan made a video sharing his life on YouTube, he has received many messages from people asking for help and how they can deal with the disease. He was inspired by children that can never have the life he has and he hopes that he can do all possible to help these children. In his video, Ethan explains that the first symptoms occurred when he felt pain during a baseball game. After going for testing, the test revealed that something was wrong. After further testing, he was diagnosed with mild Becker muscular dystrophy. Ethan shares how he felt after the diagnosis but he says that he feels blessed to have a mild form of muscular dystrophy.

These four have made a lot in managing their lives while dealing with muscular dystrophy. Some of the things they have done include diet, exercise, mobility, sleeping and environmental accessibility.