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5 Benefits of Using Medicinal Cannabis Tea for Muscular Dystrophy

Here are some of the benefits

Regardless of the method used to prepare the plant leaves, there are 5 very important benefits that can be obtained from their consumption:

1. Pain Relief

As was mentioned before, the cannabinoids contained in the marijuana leaves can dampen the pain signals produced by certain chronic illnesses. The way they accomplish this is by attaching to the pain receptors in the central nervous system and stifling their activity. Similar effects can be achieved with the use of opioids and prescription medication such as morphine and codeine. However, cannabis, in stark contrast with prescription opioids, do not cause any harmful side effects, and also don’t cause symptoms of withdrawal once the treatment is complete. Furthermore, since tea infused with cannabis is absorbed through the digestive system, the effects last longer and are stronger than by smoking the leaves.