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5 Foods to Eat When you Have Anemia

5 Foods to Eat When you Have Anemia

Anemia refers to a state where the body witnesses a decrease in the number of circulating red blood cells causing symptoms like paleness of skin, lethargicness, headache and chest pain. Termed as the most common blood disorder, anemia is strictly not a disease, but a disorder that is often a byproduct of other diseases that either interfere with the body's ability to produce healthy red blood cells or abnormally enhance the red blood cell breakdown.

The world continues to battle anemia which has different forms and affects people differently. Anemia has certainly earned a distinction as a vile disease which mutilates the body from its inner most core causing paleness, spine disorders and even cancers. While women are more prone to anemia, nutritionists have pondered and challenged their expertise to eradicate the problem of anemia in people through extensive diet plans and foods that are enriched with curing properties. These remedial foods have the dynamism of powerful vitamins in them that not only help treat anemia, but also boost up the body’s energy level; they can therefore be the perfect substitutes for a healthy lifestyle.

Some foods that can be labeled as the best to help cure anemia quickly and effectively are listed below:

1) Spinach

Spinach has been deemed as the super food needed to fight out anemia in its own unique way. The high end proportion of spinach containing essential nutrients such as B9, vitamins A and C make it more probable to eat in daily diets consisting of salads and herbs. Spinach has been regarded as a very high quality food; a single half cup of spinach is estimated to contain nearly 3 mg of iron which almost accounts for 25 percent of the bodies' demand for iron.

To increase and witness a rise in the body’s energetic level, spinach must always be boiled. So, make sure that you take spinach in your daily diet to increase the blood in your body. For those who don’t like consuming spinach alone, they can include it in their salad along with other green vegetables like celery, broccoli, kale and watercress.

You can also boil the spinach leaves in a cup of water and add necessary seasoning to make a good soup. Having spinach soup two times a day proves to show positive results in fighting anemia.

2) Beetroot

Beetroot is a power packed vegetable and is highly regarded in various distinct forms to fight anemia. It is a vegetable that is filled with iron content. Beetroot is often used along with other vegetables to add color and smack to salads.

Many people around the world consider beetroot to be a very viable juice source and often put it in the juicer and mix different vegetables along with it. Drinking almost two glasses daily can help the red blood cells count to reactivate and supply more oxygen by repairing the old wired ones.

3) Red Meat

Red meat of different animals such as beef, lamb meat can have almost 700% of iron packed in them which can accommodate the body on a massive scale.

Different parts of these animals such as liver and kidneys have iron which could boost the iron requirement out of proportions in a person. When around 3 ounces of beef liver is consumed, it can provide the body up to around 4 mg of heme-iron which is very easily digested and absorbed by the human body. Serving as a great source of Vitamin B12, it is said that the beef liver has more than 600 percent of your daily requirements of iron.

An anemic person must consume red meat at least two to three times a week to fight the disorder. In fact, including 3 ounces of beef liver or chicken liver to your diet will help in increasing the body’s red blood cell count as it contains about 2.1 mg of heme-iron.

4) Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a rich source of iron. This type of butter is the classic favorite of many people around the world as it makes an excellent breakfast during the morning. It has been observed that the estimated sales of peanut butter over other food items blows up many charts. Almost two table spoons full of peanut butter can help to provide around 0.8 mg of iron to the body. Therefore, this makes a perfect food for anemic patients.

For those who do not like the taste of peanut butter, they can also eat a handful or roasted peanuts everyday to fight anemia or they can try mixing it with other food items. Many people prefer eating fruits, especially apple with peanut butter. Likewise, drinking orange juice along with peanut butter spread bread can help in quick absorption of iron in the body. Adding peanut butter while cooking can also help in fighting anemia.

5) Tomatoes

Vitamin C is another essential component which needs to be in harmony with the iron so that it could be digested and broken down into fragments of energy; tomatoes are a rich source of Vitamin C. This Vitamin C in tomatoes helps in easy absorption of iron as tomatoes are also rich in beta carotene and Vitamin E that not only help cure anemia but also help in natural conditioning of the hair and skin. They can be eaten raw or juiced every morning to boost the blood circulation process. Consuming one or two raw tomatoes everyday increases Vitamin C in the body that encourages quick iron absorption. Adding tomatoes while preparing food everyday also proves to help fight anemia.

Anemia can thus be treated and cured. The first step to cure anemia involves visiting your health care provider who will further determine if the disorder is being caused by a poor diet or a more serious health problem, after which you can be treated for both, the anemia and its cause. Iron-deficiency anemia is treated best with iron supplements that are consumed by mouth, or by eating foods that are high in iron. One must never avoid the disorder as long-term anemia can lead to depression and make you susceptible to other sorts of infections. It can also result in nerve damage. Hence, to avoid this situation, you must try the above given super foods and lead a healthy life.

Key Takeaways

  • Spinach, Beetroot, peanut butter and red meat of different animals such as beef, lamb meat ,,.have a lot of iron content and thus help to fight out anemia.
  • Tomatoes, which are a rich source of Vitamin C, help in easy absorption of iron and they are also rich in beta carotene and Vitamin E that help cure anemia as well as help in natural conditioning of the hair and skin.
  • Long-term anemia can lead to depression and lead to other sorts of infections, also resulting in nerve damage.