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5 Lessons a Doctor Learned About Fibromyalgia Only After She was Diagnosed

Lesson 3: Pain cannot be understood by someone else since it is a subjective experience

We all experience physical pain, and since doctors are human, they have experienced the typical pain described to them by patients. Doctors have experienced bad sunburn pain, ankle sprains, sore throats and much more, and they understand these types of pain.

But trying to explain in the office the deep burning, aching muscle pain throughout the body isn’t an easy task. Explaining to a person who has never experience the same pain before can never be easy.

Nowadays she aims at sharing the experience she has had so that doctors may gain a better understanding. She starts by using medical lingo that doctors are used to. She always shows doctors a portrait named “The Broken Column” by a fibromyalgia patient Frida Kahlo and a Mexican painter. In the portrait, it showed Frida Kahlo being pierced with several nails. She used this portrait since it showed the pain of fibromyalgia visually.