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5 Things to Know About Lupus

Don't waste your freedom

Healthy people have the gift of privilege to tackle any action without a choice. Unfortunately, it is far too often taken for granted. You are lucky to have no limitations in each movement that you do. Lupus patients, on the other hand, have to be extra cautious of their movements as this can greatly affect their overall health. They have a lot of physical and mental limitations, and every day, they go through the same routine of struggling with simple tasks. What people with lupus wants you to know, is to not waste your freedom and opportunities.

It is a human instinct to give all your attention to those who are sick, which is usually done out of good intentions. But what lupus patients want is to have balance - to care for them, as well as your own self. They do not want to feel guilty that their loved ones missed so much of life because of looking out for them. Before anything else, you have to take care of yourself first so that you can take care of them better.