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5 Things to Know About Lupus

Have patience

Sometimes, there are days when lupus patients feel energized and ready to face the world. But when they have flare ups, they have to deal with the pressure of doing relatively small tasks. People with lupus often worry and wonder about how much energy they will let out just to do a simple task. It is a frustrating thing to experience, because they have to think out their actions thoroughly and precisely.

One of the downsides of lupus is the limited energy that they have to distribute carefully to achieve just one task. When they give out too much, it will greatly affect their health. If you have a friend with lupus, be more understanding when they have to lie down on their bed the whole day. They can’t always be strong and keep up with life. On these days, they have to get a lot of rest.

Understand that you should be more patient with them because even if their organs hurt internally, they also deal with emotional agony due to many issues like the concern of their future or that they aren’t good enough anymore. What people with lupus want you to know is that it is important to support them in every step of the way while still giving them the independence to do things on their own.