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5 Things to Know About Lupus

Lupus: An overview

Lupus or systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is an inflammatory disease wherein it occurs when the immune system of the body attacks itself. It can take years to diagnose, depending on the type of lupus that a person has. The inflammation of this condition attacks the healthy organs and tissues; it can harm the skin, kidneys, heart, nervous system, blood cells, and any body part. Some common symptoms of lupus are often mistaken for ordinary illnesses like fever, rashes, fatigue, joint pain, and swelling. The physical and mental effects may implicate differently from other people. Some have mild symptoms while others have severe ones.

The disease happens to anyone and everyone through an unexpected time. According to experts, it is difficult to diagnose lupus; thus, most patients are only diagnosed at a later stage. Also, there is no accurate medication or treatment for lupus.