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5 Things to Know About Lupus

The truth behind, 'You don't look sick at all'

Anyone can look physically normal; they can conceal everything that they don’t want people to see. What people with lupus want you to know is that even if they look okay some days, that doesn’t mean they have been cured and are feeling miraculous. They often think about their condition of being always sick and that’s how it is.

Another depressing part of having a chronic condition like lupus is the difficulty of maintaining a social life. Most of the time, they have to cancel plans with friends because their sickness has started to flare up again.

Since lupus is technically an “invisible disease,” people are misled by it, and often misinterpret the patient. We, as a society, need to understand that lupus patients cannot overlook their health issues. If there is someone who needs to be more sensitive, it would be the healthy people - who must be more considerate towards lupus patients. They already have the disease to deal with; and a lupus patient doesn't need us to add to a mountain of problems and stress.