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5 Tips on Living with Anemia

5 Tips on Living with Anemia

A person suffering from anemia feels tired easily because the cells and organs of their body are not receiving enough oxygen to function properly. Anemia is a disorder caused by too few RBCs or a haemoglobin deficiency. Haemoglobin is a metalloprotein containing iron which is present in red blood cells (RBCs). The main function of haemoglobin is to transport oxygen to all the cells in the body to help perform all cell actions. Many people have varying symptoms and degrees of anemia, and have found ways to cope with these problems. The very motivation of striving and fighting with these problems like anemia, is enough to foresee and cherish the gift of life, no matter what it throws at you. A person should be strong enough, and have the willpower to keep on dealing with them in the most humane way possible.


Some forms of Anemia are hereditary and affect an individual from birth while other forms can develop later due to poor nutrition or as a side effect of another illness. In women menstruation and pregnancy can also cause anemia because of the loss of blood and higher demand for blood respectively. Anemia caused due to iron deficiency is very treatable, and can be cured with the right treatment, but there are some forms of anemia that are lifelong.

Symptoms of Anemia

Symptoms of anemia include:

  • The patient get tired or fatigued easily
  • Dizziness
  • Paleness of skin
  • Shortness of breath even with a little exercise
  • Unusually rapid heartbeat with only a little exertion
  • Headaches
  • Problem concentrating on tasks
  • Cramping in the legs
  • Insomnia

Living with anemia can be quite challenging both for the patient and the ones they love. The following are 5 tips that will help you or a to live and cope with anemia.

1) Avoid tea after meals

Tea and coffee have been the energizers for people working in hectic office environments and the morning favorite of almost every person in the statuesque. Both of these items contain powerful amounts of caffeine which can cause people to become more hyperactive in their activities. However for people with anemia caused due to iron deficiency, if your doctor has recommended you to take iron supplements, drinking tea immediately after meals or their pills can cause the iron to pass away just as it was taken without providing the benefit. The molecules in tea and coffee combine together with the iron in the blood stream and hence cannot be broken down so the iron cannot be consumed at all; also substances like tannins and polyphenols found in tea and chlorogenic acid found in coffee can interfere with the absorption of iron by the body. it’s advisable for anemic people to drink tea or coffee at least after 2 hours meals.

2) Vitamin B12 injections

Many patients suffering from pernicious anemia have the trouble of breaking down the vitamin B12 which is profound in many food sources such as fish and red meat. These patients might exhibit symptoms that include, loss of sense of touch, dementia, a tingling feeling in hands and legs, clumsiness, difficulty walking and stiffness in the arms and legs. The problem arises when the stomach cannot produce chemicals which can break down the vitamins and hence cause it to be extremely bland without any benefit to the body. The patients need to be injected with Vitamin B12 serum once every two months in order for the vitamin to be broken down for use.

3) Stomach acid rotation

Hypoclorhydria is a condition caused because of too little stomach acid. Because stomach acid is involved in the absorption of several minerals including iron and link has been found between hypochlorhydria and iron deficient anemia. People are often prescribed with stomach acid drugs because the acid plays a vital role in breaking down the iron intake. However, you need to keep appropriate gaps while consuming both these medications. Many experts believe that anemic people should take iron supplements when they wake up with an empty stomach while the others can take at least an hour after so that the body produces enough acid to digest the iron.

4) Pairing foods together

Plant derived iron and meat derived iron are different and are both absorbed differently by the body. Healthy adults on an average absorb about 10-15% of their dietary iron. While meat based iron is more easily absorbed by the body, absorption of plant based iron can be affected or enhanced when combined with other foods.  It’s always a rational choice when the two food components are mixed together to get the best results possible. The people suffering from anemia are advised to eat food containing iron and drink juices along with the foods which contain vitamin, C which helps in the digestion. Other organic acids and foods containing them also aid in the absorption of iron and it has also been found that when eating meat and vegetables together the absorption of meat based iron aids in the absorption of plant based iron as well.

5) Make charts and record iron intake

People who wish to recover from their anemia as soon as possible are advised to make charts of their daily fiber and iron intake so that they can be self aware of all the benefits they have gained through their diet.

Eating healthy, taking your supplements and modifying your lifestyle to avoid detrimental activities that could tire you out could all lead to making living with anemia as close to normal as possible. As stated above many cases of anemia are curable and symptoms can be completely eliminated with the right care and treatment, however in those cases where anemia is a lifelong companion the above mentioned tips could go a long way in making life more comfortable. All these ways help to cope with anemia and can produce enough motivation for the person to seek relief and live a more healthy lifestyle with their family and friends. But don’t forget to contact your doctor if you ever feel unwell or any of your symptoms are acting up.

Key Takeaways

  • Avoid drinking tea immediately after meals or pills.
  • People who are often prescribed with stomach acid drugs because the acid plays a vital role in breaking down the iron intake.
  • People who wish to recover from their anemia as soon as possible are advised to make their charts of the daily fiber and iron intake.