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5 Lessons a Doctor Learned About Fibromyalgia Only After She was Diagnosed


Some of patients might be reluctant to try researched treatments. Sometimes treatments may work for some people while not working for others. Though, trying some of the new treatments with your doctor doesn’t always hurt.

Someone once said in an online fibro support group that pain was her friend. Well, most of the us won’t prefer to get friendly with pain. However, pain can be a good teacher. When diagnosed, people get to learn a lot about themselves, their loved ones, and the medical community. Sometimes their strength is tested daily, but it will be up to them to handle the test with despair or grace.

Most fibromyalgia sufferers wished that they had known about the condition the moment they were diagnosed. When she was diagnosed with the illness in the second year of medical school, she dedicated some of her time in learning about the disease and over the years, there has been progressing in research. The five lessons learned from her can help many people diagnosed with the same illness.