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7 Daily Hacks to Help Those Living with Lupus

Asking for Help

One should never be afraid to ask for help, yet it’s the most difficult thing to do—even with family members. Often, some people forget that spouses, friends, and family really do want to help as much as possible, but may not know what exactly to do. Others might not have brought up the subject because might of trepidation about offering help so as not to hurt a person’s pride or make him or her feel inadequate.

Therefore, the proverbial “ice” just needs to be broken so that the lines of communication can be open. But how to go about having this conversation and requesting some much needed assistance?

  • Making a list of obligations that are the most challenging when one does not feel well; knowing what exactly needs to be delegated out makes the process easier
  • Trading off tasks, like carpooling, taking kids to activities, or running errands, with a friend or relative on the days of feeling well enough
  • Reaching out through a mass email or text or through a family meeting to explain the situation

Basically, a person should not have to endure this journey alone. Building up a team to help address challenges and to meet goals can be mutually beneficial. Loved ones will know exactly how and when to assist as opposed to feeling helpless and knowing what to do. Lupus patients will receive some extra help when needed and best of all, some interaction with the “outside world.”

So living with lupus can be overwhelming at times, but with some self-care and a bit of help from others, the condition does not have to take a tight grip on one’s life.