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7 Daily Hacks to Help Those Living with Lupus

Getting an App

As previously mentioned, grocery shopping (or any kind of errand for that matter) poses a big obstacle when one is suffering from a flare-up. So employing the use of various apps can provide much needed assistance when a person cannot leave the house.

  • Instacart: for selecting grocery items from a local supermarket and then having them delivered
  • Skype or Facetime: for communicating with family, friends, or co-workers; can be useful in a work-from-home situation
  • Uber or Get Taxi: for when a person feels well enough to leave the house but not necessarily to drive
  • Tasty Home Recipes: a variety of whole-food recipes on video; useful for meal planning
  • Amazon Kindle, iTunes, or Google Play, Netflix, Hulu: to find a variety of books, music, and movies for those days when vegging is necessary