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7 Marathons, 7 Days, 7 Continents: A Man's Inspiring Way to Raise Money for Parkinson's Disease

Bret Parker: Staying above the effects of Parkinson's

The next leg of the run was in Cape Town, South Africa. His had only slept for two hours on the plane from Antarctica, and his feet hurt. Optimistically he posted on Facebook, “One marathon down, 6 to go!”

This marathon is typically brutal. Runners do little more than run, eat and sleep on planes, and run again with each leg. Bret admits that this run was a bit much, but as the executive director of the New York City Bar Association, he felt he had to do more. “It’s a lot better story when I’m trying to tell people to donate to be able to say I’m doing my part.”

The real reason Bret ran the marathon: He didn’t want the disease to define him. He wanted to oversee himself.

Photo source: Washington Post