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7 Marathons, 7 Days, 7 Continents: A Man's Inspiring Way to Raise Money for Parkinson's Disease

Bret did not give up. Even when his health worsened with each marathon

His health worsened with each marathon. On the planes, a race staffer wrapped and taped Bret’s left foot that was covered with peeled skin and oozing blisters. As they neared the final leg of the marathon in Miami, Bret had trouble walking from the plane. Dozens of friends, family, and fans gathered to watch his final race. His wife, Katharine, brought orange T-shirts with Bret's name on them for everyone. 

Now that the end was in sight, Bret was optimistic. At the 2:20 pm mark he began to run, and Ben, his son, walked three five-mile loops with his dad. Soon it was night and the streetlights came on along the boardwalk, while the crowd surrounding Bret grew.

At one point, Bret had to stop. His foot was cramping so he started to walk while keeping his right hand clenched at his side.

Photo source: Washington Post