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7 Myths About Lupus that Need Debunking

Lupus is a Form of Cancer

contrary to widespread belief, it is not a form of cancer. In fact, lupus has no connection whatsoever to cancer or its development in a patient’s body.  Thus one might wonder what the differences are between the two conditions. For starters, lupus develops as a result of environmental factors or genetics. While one’s genes and some environmental factors might play a role in determining one’s risk of developing cancer, they do not directly contribute to the onset of the disease.

What starts the process of cancer’s dramatic impact on the body is the growth of malignant tissues. Eventually, these tumors can increase in size and spread to other parts of the body. There are various treatment options for cancer, depending on type and severity, but one specific choice might be the cause for some of the confusion and that the use of immunosuppressant drugs to shrink or eradicate tumors. Some of the same types of treatment are employed in the fight against lupus.