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7 Myths About Lupus that Need Debunking

More Awareness Leads to Debunking Myths

So how does one go about debunking these myths?  First of all, increasing public awareness about the causes and effects of lupus would remove the mystery that surrounds this condition.

For instance, in recent months, singer and actress, Selena Gomez has posted on her social media accounts about dealing with lupus ever since being diagnosed two years ago. Her decision to share her experience with fans has helped to inform others who may have had little to no prior knowledge about lupus.

Another celebrity who has also worked toward debunking the myths that surround lupus is Nick Cannon, actor and comedian. Cannon was diagnosed in 2012. Since then, he has been very open about his two hospital stays due to severe complications that stemmed from kidney failure and the development of blood clots. He has also shared with the public the many questions that he posed to his doctors to find out more about the disease and the lifestyle changes that he has made in order to manage his symptoms.

Finally, knowledge is indeed power when it comes to putting the truth out there about lupus. Education from organizations that have support groups also raises awareness. Even attending a meetings where information is shared will eliminate any misinformation. Any independent research into this malady would also be quite helpful in gaining more knowledge about it. Most of all, consulting with a doctor is the best way to start discovering accurate facts about this disease and what it entails.