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7 Ways Sleep Apnea Is Harmful to Health & Safety

Weight gain

Being overweight raises one’s chances of getting sleep apnea, and sleep apnea will make it even harder for that individual to slim down.

When one is overweight, fatty deposits can develop in the neck of that individual, blocking and making breathing harder while sleeping at night. On the other side, sleep apnea can also trigger one’s body to release more of the hormone ghrelin, which can make one eat and crave for more carbs and sweets. Furthermore, restlessness and the lack of energy can make one’s craving for food even stronger. Also, when the body is tired most of the time, it fails to turn food into energy that the body needs.

The good news is that the treatment can always help. In fact, treatment for sleep apnea can make a person feel even better. This is because he or she will get to receive more energy that should be righteously spent for exercise and for other healthy recreational activities. These extra activities in which an individual would take part in helping an individual to lose weight, in return, it can help one’s severity of sleep apnea become less. The process between weight and sleep apnea is pretty cyclical and correlational. Sleep apnea might make an individual gain weight, but it can also do the other way round.