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8 Things All Celiac Patients Must Understand

7. The only treatment so far is a gluten-free diet

Researchers have been able to try different solutions over time, some of them have given positive results, such as the injection of proteins in the liver, which tricks the small intestine to consume gluten with no further complications appearing. However, the only 100 percent effective method to treat celiac disease is having a gluten-free diet that reduces the consumption of a gluten protein to the minimum possible (a 100 percent gluten free diet is not achievable since there are always particles of gluten present even in gluten-free food).

Fortunately, by following a gluten-free diet, symptoms of celiac disease start subsiding in as little as two weeks.  A gluten-free diet is not a dietary choice for a person with celiac disease, nor an option to have a “healthier” nutrition. It is mandatory and the only way they can avoid the appearance of the harmful symptoms of the disease.