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90-Year-Old Man with Parkinson's Remains Active By Playing Pickleball Everyday

Battling Parkinson's disease

As there is no cure for this disease, treatments are currently being developed to target just the symptoms of the disease. One of the studies has shown a correlation between the benefits of exercise and Parkinson's disease. Verne Smith, one of Gamble's pickleball partners and retired geriatrician, says, “Physical activity, you've got to have good mental activity, and you got to be socially active”.

The exercise Gamble gets by playing pickleball has helped him delay the onset of the more serious symptoms of Parkinson's disease, as his wife has observed. This observation is also backed by multiple studies. According to studies in the University of California’s Parkinson’s Diseases Clinic and Research Center, there are two types of exercise that could help people with Parkinson’s disease, which are aerobic and learning-based.