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9-year-old with Lymphoma Designs Color Scheme for NASCAR Driver

9year old with lymphoma designs

9-year-old with Lymphoma Designs Color Scheme for NASCAR Driver

Nine-year-old Wyatt Zender, of Washington State, had a special section in the stands reserved just for him and his family for the 2017 NASCAR Chip Series race at Chicagoland Speedway on September 17th.

It seems Wyatt had an investment, of sorts, in the event.

As it turned out, Wyatt had submitted a racecar paint design to the contest, sponsored by the Seattle Children’s Hospital, and he had won! His design was painted onto Kasey Kahne’s No. 5 Farmers Insurance Chevrolet SS.

Kasey, also a Washington State native, participated with Seattle Children’s for the contest. He saw to it that prior to the race, Wyatt could actually sit inside No. 5.

Wyatt Zender, a nine-year-old boy from Washington is known to have submitted a racecar paint design in one of the contest which was sponsored by the Seattle Children’s Hospital. The best part was that he had won this competition. The design which was painted by Wyatt was onto the Kasey Kahne’s No 5 Farmers Insurance Chevrolet SS. When Wyatt had taken part in the competition he was just a patient at the Seattle Children’s Hospital, which is a pediatric treatment as well as a research center. He was being treated for a medical condition named Hodgkin Lymphoma.

Wyatt had been diagnosed with cancer a life threatening disease after his mom had noted a lump on his neck. This is basically known to be a lymph node swelling and a common symptom of lymphoma. The lymph system is said to be the major part of the immune system. Few of the risk factors associated with this disease are HIV, Epstein-Barr viral infection, type I diabetes or asthma. If the child has any of these conditions, then they are at an increased risk of contracting Hodgkin lymphoma.

This disease can attack both adults as well as children and the treatment for a child is on the similar lines of those of an adult with marked changes in the therapy so as to reduce any adverse kind of side effects. The main treatment out here for a child would involve to treat cancer without leading to any long term side effects for the child. In case if the child is old enough that their muscles as well as bones are completely developed then the treatment would be the same as given to the adults which can also include radiation but for those kids who are not mature enough, the doctor would most likely use chemotherapy instead of the radiation since the gamma rays have a tendency to stall the growth of bones and muscles.

Once the treatment is completed, the child would need to be closely monitored since the chemotherapy side effects are known to lasts for years. Since such children are prone in their entire life to develop any kind of serious medical condition and also have a tendency to die at a much younger age than those who do not have NIH.

The ACS or the American Cancer Society speaks about the advantages which a child can receive in terms of treatment in their centers. Out here there are varied kind of support which can be provided to the child as well as the family. Apart from the varied medically trained cancer specialist, these centers are also known to offer other services which can include social workers, child life specialist, nutritionist’s psychologist, physical therapist and rehabilitation centers.

Wyatt was discharged after months of cancer treatment from the Seattle Children’s Hospital. He had to undergo surgery as well as chemotherapy. He also returned back to school and is now planning of participating in his favorite sports.