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A Caregiver's Guide to Lupus

Find ways to help manage your emotional health

Tips to help you manage your emotions include:

  • Accept your feelings and don’t push them away. Healthily express them. Find a support network that will help you when you are nearing the end of your line. Share your feelings.
  • Join a support group where you can comfortably share your thoughts and stories. You will find many other people who have similar experiences.
  • Keep a journal about your experiences. Write down how you feel.  If you are anxious or too sad, talk to a counselor to help resolve these feelings.
  • Seek professional help. There is no stigma if you need to get help from a trained counselor or a therapist. Taking care of you is also their job, and they provide support and guidance in a supportive setting.
  • Find out where you can get information about mental and emotional health by contacting your local hospital, or doctor’s office.
  • Make sure you have some quiet time just for you.